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Drumheller Sponsors

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Maillot Homes 

Maillot is our title sponsor. They are a local Calgary company that crafts beautiful custom homes and has been doing so for over 65 years in both acreage and inner-city communities. In 2005, Rob Ohlson took the reins as owner and president of Maillot Homes, with a vision to become Calgary’s most inclusive home builder.

Today, Maillot Homes is one of the city’s most established and reputable builders of breathtaking custom homes. From start to finish, they ensure the planning and building of their clients custom home is a unique, enjoyable and stress-free experience. 

They also do a tremendous amount of giving back to the local Calgary community. 


Bikes and Bites

Bikes and Bites brings the joy of adventure through picnics and e-bike rentals that allow you to explore Drumheller. Their menu includes a selection of sandwiches, sides and snacks perfect for a picnic. Your picnic is provided in an insulated cooler bag when you pair it with an e-bike rental.


Bella Lyla Rose Creative

Owner, Rose Serpico is in love with creating and sharing anything that feels authentic and feels close to nature. She has been throwing  and learning and making pieces for the past few years that are influenced by her Cuban heritage and years spent living in the Middle East and Spain. She loves making pieces that are raw and functional whether on the wheel or hand built. The name "Bella Lyla Rose" is inspired by her Grand daughters as a way to honor their growth and journey as they grow and experiences everything for the first time with wonder. That's how she wants to feel with each piece she finishes.


Routine Cream

Being stinky but smart, naturally, we created some. It's because we feel lymph nodes, the planet and its inhabitants (YOU) are important business, that we decided to share our creation with ALL people. We believe armpits are lovely and deserve the best, just like every other inch of our flesh covered selves.


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Gu Energy

Innovation is what created GU, and it's what created the first energy gel over 20 years ago. It's why today we still offer the widest variety, best tasting, and most nutrient rich hydration, energy, and recovery products on the market. We have always been on a mission to optimize every aspect of diet and nutrition, which is our way to serve athletes everywhere.

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Alberta Bike Swap

Alberta Bike Swap delivers community based bicycle buy, sell, and donate events and resources in the form of software, bike racks, and processes to empower and enable Albertans and Canadians to embrace a cycling lifestyle.

The better way to buy or sell a bike. 


Happy Belly Kombucha

Happy Belly Kombucha is a Calgary based kombuchery that was started because of our passion for wholesomely delicious beverages and elixirs.

Every ingredient is carefully sourced, every batch is intentionally hand crafted and every brew is made with the finest and freshest quality ingredients.

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Color Right Now

For over twenty years, Color Right Now has been pushing the technical, customizable, and interpersonal aspects of the printing industry to give clients the ideal stop for everything needed to boost their brand. We’ve got an expansive customer base ranging from quick personal jobs to national endeavors that receive nothing less than beautiful, brilliant printing.

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Stoked Oats

We sell our gluten-free oatmeal online and in over 700 stores across Canada (no stores the US yet). You can trust us to produce the best tasting gluten free oatmeal on the market. Are blends are high in protein, do not add sugar, use non-gmo ingredients, and no glyphosate (Round-Up) is ever used on our oats. 

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Rock On Clay

Rock On Clay products are made of the purest ingredients with natural healing properties that are sourced from pristine glacier mountains in BC.

First Nations have known about the natural healing abilities of this clay for centuries. Now its time for you to discover.

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