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May 14th, 2022

Drumheller Aquaplex

Race Course

Swim (SPRINT 750m / TRY-A-TRI 350m)

The swim is a POOL SWIM. Athletes will line up according to their estimated swim time*. There will be a continuous flow of athletes in and out of the pool. As one athlete finishes their swim, another will be sent into that lane. 


*PLEASE ensure you are lined up with the correct time you expect to complete your swim. There will be volunteers to assist you. We will start with the slower times and move to the faster times. It may make you feel more relaxed to want to swim with swimmers you know will be slower than you but imagine how you would feel if that was you and a faster swimmer got into the lane. PLEASE LINE UP AT YOUR ACCURATE SWIM TIME. This makes it the most pleasant (and fun!) swim experience for everyone and easiest for the lap counters as well. 

T1 (Transition 1)

Upon completing the swim athletes will exit the designed door from the Aquaplex and run to the parking lot, into transition where your bike will be located. The run will be barefoot as you will have just finished the swim, but don't fret as we will sweep the pathway there so there are no rocks to step on (it is about 50m). You will put on your biking gear and head out onto the bike portion of the triathlon. You may not touch your bike until your bike helmet is on properly and the chin strap is done up.

As you leave transition you will be directed to WALK your bike until you reach the friendly volunteers at the MOUNT LINE. This is where you can get on your bike. For the safety of yourself and the volunteers you must wait until the mount line to get on your bike. 

Bike (SPRINT 20km / TRY-A-TRI 10km)

Once you are on your bike you will follow the bike course route. 

Sprint athletes will complete 1 x 20km loop, while Try-A-Tri athletes will complete 1 x 10km loop.

The bike course will be open to traffic so please be mindful and safe out there!

Here are a few safety rules/guidelines:

  • always stay to the far right of the road 

  • NEVER cross the yellow centre line of the road 

  • listen to the volunteers when making turns. WAIT until they say it is safe to turn. If at any point a volunteer or flag person tells you to STOP, please do so immediately! Volunteers and flag persons are there for your safety. They must balance doing what is right for traffic and racers. THEY MAKE THE CALLS. Failure to listen to then will result in IMMEDIATE disqualification. 

  • stay 7m behind the riders ahead of you (if you come closer you are drafting which is not allowed). If you need to pass simply say, "on your left" and ride past them. Please give them enough space when you pull back in (ie. don't cut them off). 

There will NOT be an aid station on the bike course for the Try-A-Tri distance. All participants MUST have a means to carry water with them. Water will be available at the turn around for the Sprint distance athletes. The aid station is self-serve, so athletes must stop and fill their bottle themselves from the jug should they need additional water for lap 2.

T2 (Transition 2)

Upon completing the bike athletes will head back to the transition area. First you will come upon the friendly volunteers at the DISMOUNT LINE. You will get off your bike just before the designed line and walk your bike back to spot on the bike rack you originally had. Once your bike is racked, you can then remove your helmet and change any clothes or shoes you need to before you head out onto the run. 

Turn your race number belt around so your number is on your FRONT.

Run (SPRINT 5km / TRY-A-TRI 2.5km)

Relax! You are on the run route. You can run or walk, run/walk but please no crawling (that is an actual rule! hahaha)

Sprint athletes will complete 5km, while Try-A-Tri athletes will complete 2.5km.

Please stay to the right of the road the entire route and cheer other athletes on!

Please note, spectators are not permitted to run with you or be on course. We know some of your your little ones are excited to see you and want to run with you however, for insurance purposes they cannot (but they can make cool signs and stand along the route!)  

There will be an aid station (with water and electrolytes) at the turnaround for the Sprint Distance.

As you near the finish line, finish strong and ensure your race number is on your front so the race announcer can call out your name. You are a triathlete! 


Screen Shot 2022-08-18 at 3.12.51 PM.png

The Wild Rose Women's Triathlon Drumheller is held at the Drumheller Aquaplex.

100 Riverside Dr W, Drumheller


This is also where the World's Largest Dinosaur is. This dinosaur will watch over transition.


Bike (SPRINT 20km)

Screen Shot 2022-08-18 at 2.39.46 PM.png

For a better view of the run route, click on map.

Run (SPRINT 5km)

Screen Shot 2022-08-18 at 2.57.52 PM.png

For a better view of the run route, click on map.

Bike (TRY-A-TRI 10km)

Screen Shot 2022-08-18 at 3.08.12 PM.png

For a better view of the bike route, click on map.

Run (TRY-A-TRI 2.5km)


Screen Shot 2022-08-18 at 3.00.25 PM.png

For a better view of the run route, click on map.

Race Schedule

May 12th (Thursday)

10am - 5pm                 Race Package Pick Up

                                      Tri It Multisport (1703 10th Ave SW, Calgary) 

May 13th (Saturday)

10am - 5pm                 Race Package Pick Up

                                       Bikes and Bites (Badlands Community Facility, 80 Veterans Way, Drumheller) 

May 13th (Saturday)             

6pm - 7pm                  OPTIONAL: Transition Walk Through and Pre-Race Q & A

                                        Drumheller Aquaplex (100 Riverside Dr W, Drumheller)

May 14th (Sunday)   

                                 Drumheller Aquaplex (100 Riverside Dr W, Drumheller)                                       

6:30am - 7:30am        Transition Check In

7:30am                          Athlete Pre-Race Meeting

8:00am                         Race Start - Sprint

9:00am                         Race Start - Try-A-Tri

10:30am                       Age-Group Awards


Clinics to help you get ready for the Wild Rose Women's Triathlon.


Pre- Race Walkthrough with Q & A

May 13th 6 - 7pm

Drumheller Aquaplex Parking Lot

(100 Riverside Dr W, Drumheller)

Training Plans


Sprint and Try-A-Tri distance training programs courtesy of Kari Gregory, NCCP Triathlon Coach, Triathlete Within




Kari Gregory has been involved in Triathlon since 2005 and continues to love the sport as an athlete and now as an NCCP Triathlon Coach.

Her years as a certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Life Coach complement her skills as a Triathlon coach. Kari appreciates the team approach to an individual sport and how that can work for her athletes. Train in groups. Train solo. Compete. Rinse and repeat.

8 week training program

Sprint $125.00

Try-A-Triathlon $80.00


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