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Wild Rose Women's

Gran Fondo 

36.5km or 71.5km 

Screen Shot 2023-01-29 at 8.13.54 PM.png

Distance: 36.5km

Elevation Gain: 270m

Ride Date: June 25th, 2023

Ride Start Time: 8:30am 

No Aid Station

Distance: 71.5km

Elevation Gain: 542m

Ride Date: June 25th, 2023

Ride Start Time: 8:30am 

Aid Station: 36km

The Wild Rose Women's Gran Fondo is a clockwise 1-loop course consisting of 36.5km of riding. Those riding the 71.5km will do 2 loops.

All riders will stay on the RIGHT HAND SIDE of the road along the shoulder alongside traffic. There are no designated lanes to cyclist as the roads are open to traffic at all times.

Flaggers or volunteers will be at all major turns/corners.


The Wild Rose Women's Gran Fondo begins at the Innisfail Twin Arenas.


36.5km event riders = no aid station

71.5km riders:= 36km

36.5km route
Screen Shot 2023-03-06 at 10.09.36 AM.png
71.5km route
Screen Shot 2023-03-06 at 10.16.12 AM.png


March 1st - April 15th, 2023

$75 (plus processing fee)

April 16th – May 31st, 2023 

$85 (plus processing fee)

June 1st – 15th, 2023 

$95 (plus processing fee)

June 16th – June 23rd, 2023

$105 (plus processing fee)

Wild Rose Gran Fondo Refund Policy

There will be no refunds. You can roll your entry to 2024 for an additional $50 up until June 15th, 2023. Please email if you need to do this

What if the event gets cancelled?

The event will not be cancelled, but rather postponed. We have a high level of confidence that the event will go and if it does get postponed you will be rolled into the new date automatically. Should the new date not work for you, you would be refunded all but $60 due to the upfront costs of putting on an event.


Transfer of Entry

You may transfer your entry to another person up until June 15th, 2023. However, they will pay the CURRENT rate of the entry. (ie. if you paid $75 for our entry on March 15th, but are transferring your entry on May 28th, the person buying your entry will pay $85). You can do this by logging into your account that you created at registration and manage your registration. 

If you have any questions regarding you account or have trouble logging in, please contact customer support at 1-877-228-4881.

Active Refund

At checkout there is an option to choose "Active Refund" which is an additional fee above and beyond our registration, GST and Active's processing fees. This is done directly through and NOT through Wild Rose Women's Events, RnR Premier Events or Tri It Multisport.

If you did purchase the additional race insurance from and need to cancel your registration for one of the covered reasons, please claim directly through Active, not Wild Rose Women's Events, RnR Premier Events or Tri It Multisport.

Please contact customer support at 1-877-228-4881.



Pre Event:

When is package pick up?

Friday, June 23rd: 11:00am – 5:00pm - Tri It Multisport

Saturday, June 24th: 11:00am – 5:00pm - Tri It Multisport

Sunday, June 25th: 7:00am - 8:00am - Innisfail Twin Arenas

*you (or a friend) must pick up your package at one of these times. You cannot race without picking up your package. 


Can a friend pick up my event package?

Yes, they can! Please ensure the friend who is picking up your package has been authorized by you via a text message/email they can show to us at the time of pick up. We only ask this as we have had well-meaning friends pick up race packages in the past but do not clarify with their friend that they have picked up the race package. 


Event Day:

What is the exact location of the event?

The start (and finish) of the event is at the Innisfail Twin Arenas (5804 42 St, Innisfail, AB).


Where can I park my car?

The Innisfail Twin Arenas has ample parking. 

*we ask if you are riding your bike to the start, you please wear a helmet. 


What if my bike isn’t working event morning?

We will have on-site bike support on event day to help with any bike repair emergencies. We ask you carry at least 1 spare tube for your bike, and a C02 cartridge. 

How long do I have to complete the course?

The course closes for EVERYONE at 12:00 p.m. which is 3 hours from the start of the event.

If you have not finished by that time please be prepared to ride in the sag wagon.


How many lanes of road will be open to cyclists for each event?

There are no designated lanes to cyclist as the roads are open to traffic at all times. All cyclists will ride to the far right hand on the road - on the shoulder - alongside traffic.

What are the road surfaces like?

The road surface is pavement.

What if I am not feeling up to the distance I registered while out there or decide I can go longer?

No trouble, simply come to the timing tent after you cross the finish line and give your name and they can make the change for you so you are in the correct results.

Where are the aid stations located and what will be at them?

35km course = 15km

70km course = 15km, 35km, 50km

*Washrooms/Porta Potties will be available at the aid stations. 

The aid station will have:

  • cookies, bananas, and other treats

  • water

  • electrolytes

Race Support

There will be the roving bike support vehicles. They are equipped with tools, tubes, tires, bike pumps and other items to assist cyclists with minor repairs which may be required while on the course. Please note that if there are any major repairs necessary to a bike, the mechanics may not have the required tools or parts to assist you, but they will do their best to get you to the finish line. Any repairs required to your bike other than a spare tube will be charged back to you. However, we encourage everyone to carry a spare tube and tools with them.

In the event your bike cannot be repaired on course, we have sag wagons available to transport you and your bike back to the finish line.


Medical assistance will also be on the course should medical assistance be required. As well, there will be limited first aid supplies at the aid station. If additional medical assistance is required, participants should notify a volunteer and they will telephone for further help. However, all participants should be carrying their own cell phone in case of emergency and should dial 9-1-1 if immediate assistance is required.

Post Event:

Where will official results be posted?

Official results will be posted at Startline Timing ( by the end of the day.

Will there be awards?

While there are no awards for the distances, we will be posting results as mentioned so you can see your times. 

Where is the lost and found?

The lost and found will be located at the finish line. After event day contact for lost and found. All unclaimed lost items will be donated after 30 days.

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